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8 Things to Do Immediately After Buying a Home

The difficult process of buying a home is now done, the next step is preparing your new home for move-in.

This article shall give practical steps to take immediately after buying a house. let’s get into it.

1. Have you house documents together?

Whether it is our house purchase or a house lease, there are documents you must have after buying a house in the UK.

Before moving into your new house make sure you have all of these documents or the relevant documents that apply to your form of house ownership :

  • Title deed
  • A copy of the lease
  • Lease agreement/ lease information
  • Information of the property
  • Home warranty
  • Stamp duty receipts
  • Copy of payment receipts
  • Survey reports
  • Building control reports

Having these documents at hand will put you in a better position in case questions of ownership arises. You want to make sure you are the legal and registered owner or tenant of the property before moving in.

2. Insure

The next step is getting the necessary financial security which is to get home insurance.

Also depending on your form of ownership, a house makeup insured from your landlord or as a new proprietor you may have to … Read the rest

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