The Main Types of Wine Coolers in 2022

Wine coolers are refrigerators that store wine at optimal temperatures. If the wine hasn’t caught your fancy, perhaps you haven’t enjoyed a glass of wine poured out from a bottle in a wine cooler.

The temperature in the wine cooler is higher than that of the regular refrigerator, which makes it not a good replacement for wine coolers. So, if you are considering getting a wine cooler, you could visit and see more about wine coolers.

Typical of wine to spoil under much heat and vibration, the wine cooler is a great option for you. However, the wine cooler is not a proper fit if you want to store it long-term. You can go for wine cellars or stick with a 600mm wine cooler integrated as a better option.

There are different types of wine coolers based on some criteria. Let’s look at them quickly.

1. Based on placement and design

There are the Countertop wine coolers, Freestanding wine coolers, and built-in wine coolers.

The Countertop Wine Cooler

This is a great choice for you if you lack space at home. It is a compact refrigerator that can sit well on a table or the kitchen counter. With the countertop wine coolers, about 25 bottles can be stored at once.

Freestanding Wine Coolers

They are also called standalone coolers. They can be moved from one place to another, which is advantageous. At the same time, the Built-in Wine Cooler or Undercounter wine coolers are specifically created to fit into cabinetry and small spaces. It adds to the kitchen’s beauty, but it is also custom-built, which makes it a costlier option than the others.

2. Based on Temperature zones

You’d agree that different wines should have different serving temperatures. For example, red wines must be served at a temperature not less than 50°F and not more than 65°F.

Also, white wines should be served at a temperature of 45-50°F. However, if you want a mixture of both wine collections in your house, the dual zone is great.

Single Zone Wine Coolers

This type maintains a precise temperature, whereas, in the Dual-zone, the lower area is cooler, which is adequate for white wines. The temperature of the upper area of the cooler is usually higher and great for red wines.

Multi-Zone wine coolers

Most wine enthusiasts will jump at this one. It is much bigger and can house more than 100 bottles at once. It also has three different temperature zones, implying that red wines, white wines, and beer can be stored together.

3. Based on Cooling System

There are two cooling technologies.

Compressor technology

This has a powerful cooling capacity. Most dual zones are compressor technologies. This type of cooling system adapts to the external temperature. However, its vibrations and noise resulting from moving parts are some disadvantages.

Thermoelectric wine coolers have a smaller capacity. They are quiet, use less power, and are energy efficient. A disadvantage is that it has to be connected to the power source.


The above are the basic types of wine coolers. Therefore, you can purchase your wine cooler based on these criteria. Before you purchase, ensure that you are using this as your guide.