8 Things to Do Immediately After Buying a Home

The difficult process of buying a home is now done, the next step is preparing your new home for move-in.

This article shall give practical steps to take immediately after buying a house. let’s get into it.

1. Have you house documents together?

Whether it is our house purchase or a house lease, there are documents you must have after buying a house in the UK.

Before moving into your new house make sure you have all of these documents or the relevant documents that apply to your form of house ownership :

  • Title deed
  • A copy of the lease
  • Lease agreement/ lease information
  • Information of the property
  • Home warranty
  • Stamp duty receipts
  • Copy of payment receipts
  • Survey reports
  • Building control reports

Having these documents at hand will put you in a better position in case questions of ownership arises. You want to make sure you are the legal and registered owner or tenant of the property before moving in.

2. Insure

The next step is getting the necessary financial security which is to get home insurance.

Also depending on your form of ownership, a house makeup insured from your landlord or as a new proprietor you may have to purchase an insurance policy.

Look for home insurance services by reading through other people’s reviews on different companies and how they handle insurance claims.

Keep in mind the amount of premium you want to pay and the sort of coverages you want to be included in your policy.

Do not proceed to move into a home that is not insured.

3. Furnish the house

Here comes the fun part. Moving your furniture in your new house.

After doing everything listed in this article, your house will be ready for new furnishings and amazing decorations to make it a home.

You don’t have to be in a hurry to do your furniture shopping you can do them whilst moving in and even after occupying the house. The essential furniture like a bed, table,  and chairs should be your priority followed by all other remaining house furniture.

To find the best furniture, I would suggest that you make sure you read furniture companies reviews.

4. Conduct a full house inspection

Though it is not recommended to do a house inspection after buying the house it is still reasonable to do a house inspection before moving in.

There are some things you might have missed before when doing your prior inspection and you don’t want it to go unattended.

Have the issues fixed before you move into the house?

5. Change locks and security features

The next immediate step to take is to change the security locks.

Installing a new property locks wheel prevent previous occupants or their relatives from gaining access to the house.

Changing your locks will also guarantee better security because then you will be replacing old faulty locks with a new one, and perhaps more secure and smart.

Home breaking tends to go very high on newly sold homes, so enhancing your home security features will prevent such.

6. Do a thorough clean

New home deep clean is a must before even thinking of moving your furniture in the new house.

You never know what you might find in the house with all the standards of hygiene the previous owners had.

Take it with much seriousness especially when you’re moving to a fully furnished home.

For older homes, you may have professional deep cleaning services to come work on your house just to make sure everything is thorough and disinfected.

Do not skip this even when you’re moving to new construction because there is a lot of dust and debris that collects throughout the establishment.

7. Set up the house utilities

The last thing you want to do is move into a house only to realise the water system is not set up.

Some of the things to remember when setting up your house utilities are;

  • Set your TV and internet
  • Register with an electricity and gas company
  • Register with a water company

Having your house still, it is set up two weeks prior or at least a week before your moving will set you up for a good smooth move into your new house.

8. Place safety measures

Besides changing your house locks and security system there are other safety measures and precautions you must take before moving to a new house.

These are some essential security measures to take :

  • Install an alarm system
  • Make sure the security cameras are functional
  • Replace broken windows and broken doors
  • Ensure the smoke and fire detectors are working
  • Make sure there is a fire extinguisher
  • Put up a Smart doorbell
  • Take pool safety measures if you have kids
  • Have doors and window sensors for extra security
  • Fence your property, if you have to.